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Hong Kong’s yuan market is set to receive a boost from China’s central bank. The People’s Bank of China plans to raise the territory’s yuan clearing rate and is considering an increase in deposit rate, too, Reuters reports. Rates in Hong Kong are significantly lower than they are on the mainland, and unnamed sources quoted by the news agency say the planned moves are unlikely to align rates in one step. 

An increase in deposit rates would encourage companies to leave yuan in Hong Kong rather than sending them back to the mainland. Analysts also expect an increase in the supply of yuan bonds as investors hope for higher yields on forthcoming issues. From Reuters: Read more

Current US monetary policy is likely to prove excessively inflationary for China and Hong Kong, but both countries are ‘stuck’ with the effects of Fed policy as they have pegged their currencies to the dollar.

So says Janet Yellen, San Francisco Fed chief: Read more

Taiwan plans to set a limit on the total value of securities Chinese investors can buy under new rules due to come into force on Saturday.

Wu Tang-chieh, deputy chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, told this to Bloomberg but did not provide a figure and would not comment on a report in the Commercial Times that the central bank is proposing a ceiling of $500 million shares in Taiwan-listed companies. The ceiling in the current memorandum is $1bn. Read more