jean boivin

Claire Jones

Comments by Jean Boivin, a deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, have prompted speculation that the central bank is set to abandon its inflation target in favour of a price-level target.

The central bank, along with the Canadian government, will decide later this year whether it maintains its current monetary policy framework. And a price-level target is indeed one option up for consideration.

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Simone Baribeau

The US may be struggling to fill the vacant seats on the Federal Reserve’s board, but Canada is on the ball.

Today, the Bank of Canada announced that Jean Boivin would replace David Longworth as deputy governor and member of the governing council at the beginning of April. Separately, the Bank announced that another deputy governor, Pierre Duguay, will retire in July. Any bets on whether we’ll know who will fill that seat before any Fed governors are appointed?

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