Ralph Atkins

Ralph Atkins of the Financial Times discusses Jean-Claude Trichet’s thoughts on the euro and European regulation 

Krishna Guha

Krishna Guha of the Financial Times on Fed Governor Kevin Warsh arguing forcefully for a symmetry of response from the FOMC for credibility reasons 

Krishna Guha

Krishna Guha of the Financial Times predicts the FOMC will stick to its current $1,450bn MBS and agency debt buying programme but stretch out the timeline past year end 

Krishna Guha

I’ve just been speaking to China’s ambassador to the US – Zhou Wenzhong – and he doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about a renewed push on global imbalances.

He also says that China’s premier has made it clear “this is no time to talk about exit strategy” and that Beijing’s efforts to support growth “will continue” – but with an additional focus on making sure that bank lending does not all end up in real estate and equities.