mortgage-backed securities (MBS)

More than half of all children in the US will use food stamps at some point, predicts new research. Equities fall sharply in the UK and Europe, in spite of strong manufacturing data, amid fresh concerns about mortgage-backed securities and the possibility of a second round of stimulus in the US Read more

Japan prepares to unwind part of its stimulus package as the IMF warns the country’s debt path is out of control, raising a “real risk” that the country could end up in default. Further echoes of the start of the crisis, as CIT files for bankruptcy, an analyst cautions of further Citi write-downs, and concerns about commercial real estate spread across the Atlantic Read more

The IMF has issued a warning about asset price bubbles forming in Latin America, echoing concerns about bubbles in East Asia. As regulators and legislators in the US and UK argue over the best way to prevent another Lehman’s, the US government enters into a new $5.6bn bail-out Read more

Have we just seen the turning point in equity markets? A slew of bearish data from the US includes renewed predictions of falling property prices, and the UK should ensure credit is available to non-financial institutions too, if it wants to avoid the fate of mid 1990s Japan Read more

Asian central banks buy dollars to slow its decline. Doubts over the solvency of the Federal Housing Administration surface, and 34 banks miss their TARP payments. And American consumers are not actually reducing their debt Read more

The Fed has accused banks of ignoring the risks of debt backed by commercial real estate, with some worrying numbers about bank reserves. Gold climbs higher, but is it being pushed up by new type of buyer, interested in speculating rather than hedging?  Read more

Krishna Guha

Given refinancing problems in commercial mortgage-backed securities, we’d better hope the Fed will be able to justify extending the programme, writes Krishna Guha of the Financial Times Read more

European banks have been slow to recognise losses from the recession and need to raise huge quantities of new capital if they are to lend sufficient sums to support a recovery, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times, and two IMF charts reveal all you need to know. Read more

Good news if you’re feeling flush: IPOs are on the rise and racehorses are on sale. India plans to launch energy-efficient trading scheme and financial innovation may again become popular Read more

As money pours out of money market funds, we ask whether equity levels are sustainable and if the return of property-backed debt is a cause for celebration. Food security is a rising international concern and Bill Clinton asks if we should use the unemployed to increase energy efficiency. Read more

Jobs data looks healthy in Brazil and the square mile, but less rosy for manufacturing workers and journalists, although wage data may be good for those employed, whatever the sector. Commodities are ever more popular and gold could surge if China bans exports Read more

Krishna Guha

Now the Treasury Department has increased pressure on the Fed’s untested techniques for exiting stimulus measures, should the Fed perform trial runs, asks Krishna Guha of the Financial Times Read more

Krishna Guha

The Fed wants a clean break from the mortgage-backed security market. It will complete its current purchase programme. But then it wants to stop completely, writes Krishna Guha Read more