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All eyes on Abu Dhabi: the focus has shifted from the health of companies to the relationships between emirates. On this, the consensus is that Dubai’s oil-rich, older, wiser brother may “ride, but not race” to the rescue. The UAE central bank has offered to make funds available, improving liquidity. But investors want more, ideally a debt guarantee: “This isn’t just a liquidity crisis, it’s a solvency crisis.”

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Krishna Guha

At the risk of stating the obvious, I don’t think the Fed was expecting August retail sales to come in quite as strong as they did. One month’s data is not going to change the forecast very much, as Bernanke’s comments at Brookings imply. Still, it is interesting to think about this in the context of the savings rate.

Most Fed officials think the savings rate will stick roughly where it is now – about 4.5 per cent. Some see a serious risk that the savings rate will move higher in the coming months; others are pretty confident it will stay about where it is now. None of them as far as I can see are expecting the savings rate to dip lower from here. If – and it is a very big if - a run of data suggested that was happening it would have a big impact on the way policymakers think about the outlook into 2010.

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