Monthly Archives: July 2012

The new paper from the Belfer Center at Harvard on the prospect of sharply rising oil production over the next decade is a substantial and interesting piece of work.   The headlines, however, oversell the content.  America isn’t about to be self-sufficient in oil or to start exporting a surplus.  Around the world there is indeed plenty of oil but politics are likely to keep production well below the physical potential.

The report “Oil: The Next Revolution” by Leonardo Maugeri, is based on a detailed field by field analysis of the world’s oil resources. Read more

It’s a dog’s life in DECC – the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Energy sits on the edge between public policy and private investment.  The area is beset by big egos, intensive well funded lobbying, bad behaviour, unpredictable technical change and political uncertainty.

Not surprisingly then that the task of producing a definitive reform of the electricity market is difficult or that DECC’s first draft published in May has not won universal approval. Read more