Daily Archives: January 30, 2013

Ukraine deal confirms Shell's commitment to shale gas. Getty Images.

Shell’s decision to invest $10bn in the development of shale gas in Ukraine is certainly a significant move.

First, it confirms Shell’s commitment to shale and the company’s determination to override environmental objections to the technology of fracking. Shell believes shale can be developed safely and cleanly enough to avoid damaging either the environment or the company’s reputation. This move will help to confirm shale’s arrival in the mainstream of the energy market. Read more

Western oil workers at In Amenas, the gas plant in Algeria that militants stormed on January 16, knew how vulnerable they were.

An executive from Statoil, the Norwegian oil company, told a visitor to the facility in 2007 that he worried about the risks to expatriate staff travelling to and from the site. After flying from Algiers into the middle of the Sahara, they faced an hour-long bus trip to In Amenas. “We want to build an airstrip near the plant and avoid bus transportation from the airport,” he said. Read more