“Equality of What?” asked Amartya Sen in 1979. The question pithily captures the defining debate of the political left. On Monday evening, in his Hugo Young speech, Ed Miliband gave an answer to Sen’s question: (nearly) everything. Read more

Among other things, the paper offers a broader context for stagnant real median incomes in the UK and the US. If current trends continue, or accelerate as many believe, “we should not be surprised to find that the median individual in the ‘rich world’ becom[es] globally somewhat poorer”, Prof Milanovic writes. I also wonder whether London is acting as a something of a microcosm for the trends described in the paper. Read more

Social mobility is public policy’s equivalent of unified field theory: an abstract, controversial idea that seeks to unite different explanations about the state of the world. Its slipperiness has also helped it be an aim of governments of every hue. Read more