Michael Bloomberg

Toronto may have a crack-smoking, citizen-baiting mayor whose chubby recalcitrance has caught the world’s attention but it remains the best city to be young. That at least is the finding of a new report from Youthful Cities, a (cough) Toronto-based organisation which has ranked 25 of the world’s big cities by their supposed youth-friendliness.  Read more

Bill de Blasio, a Democrat who likes to call people “brother”, has been elected mayor of New York City. The victory of the self-styled populist, whose campaign spoke of “a tale of two cities”, marks the beginning of the end of Michael Bloomberg’s tenure. But if Mr de Blasio means what he says, he also wants his triumph to mark the beginning of the end of an idea: that of the city as a luxury product.  Read more

After Detroit filed for bankruptcy some commentators decried it as an inevitable example of the failure of “big government”. However, as New York evaluates the legacy of Michael Bloomberg, whose 12-year reign comes to a close at the end of this year, and prepares to vote on his successor, there is an argument that the mayor has made the opposite case. Read more