Daily Archives: July 23, 2012

Just published from Material World:

Yesterday the relaxation of the UK’s Sunday trading laws during Olympic season (aka until sept 9) went into effect. Now stores can stay open AS LONG AS THEY WANT (OMG! OMG!). Already, in retail circles gigantic revenue boosts are being predicted. In my circle, however, which admittedly, is a circle of one and thus possibly non-representative, the news was met by a raised eyebrow.

I just can’t quite see how the Olympics, or Olympic fever, or whatever you want to call the emotion that is gripping London (and as far as I can tell, many people call it misery), will lead to a great surge in consumption of handbags, and denim, and all the other stuff that, say, Westfield Mall, one of the proponents of the extended hours and one that is about as far away from the Olympic stadiums as is possible while still being within city limits, say they expect.