Daily Archives: July 24, 2012

I snapped this from a flat near the Olympic Park during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony, which my friends attended. The contents of the show are supposed to be shrouded in secrecy ahead of Friday’s extravaganza, so I’m going to stick to the #savethesurprise mantra.

For background: here are some of the already-known details about the opening ceremony, but Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning film director who is the mastermind of the show, appealed to the audience to keep the secret going until Friday night, so I won’t give anything more away from inside the stadium. Read more >>

Just published on our Business blog: 

There’s a tantalising glimpse of Oliver O’Brien’s wonderful interactive map of London (and the UK) in Tuesday’s FT. The map is in the style of the great Charles Booth, who researched London poverty 120 years ago and displayed it cartographically. Our analysis contains the sobering observation by Mr O’Brien that “London’s mix of rich and poor changes dramatically from street to street. But what you see even 120 years after Booth is that many of the patterns remain the same”.

Visitors to the Olympic Games may want to take a look at the map before heading for the Olympic park to gain a little socio-economic perspective amid the glitz and hoop-la. As my colleagues James Pickford and Chris Giles write in their analysis: