GE’s Immelt steers clear of ‘Romneyshambles’ debate

General Electric chief executive, Jeff Immelt, is in town for the games, which GE sponsors, and happy to talk about most Olympian matters, except one: Mitt Romney, writes Pilita Clark.

“I’m not going to touch that one,” said Mr Immelt, when invited to comment on the storm of controversy stirred when the Republican presidential contender said Olympic-eve stories of immigration officer strikes and private security personnel shortages were “disconcerting”. The comments had prompted Boris Johnson, London mayor, to encourage a crowd of thousands in Hyde Park to roar their disapproval at Mr Romney for appearing to suggest the capital was not ready to host the games.

Mr Immelt did have one thing to say about this. “I just want to go on record and say I like the mayor, I like the city and I think you’re ready!” he joked.

The GE chief, who chairs President Obama’s council on jobs and competitiveness, also repeated denials made earlier this year when it was reported he was supporting Mr Romney’s candidacy.

“I’m not going to support anyone in this election. I’m going to stay focused on the company,” he said.