Hau den Lukas

Oktoberfest 2013...MUNICH, GERMANY - OCTOBER 1:  A bavarian visitor in a traditional "Lederhosen"  participates in a  funfair attraction called "Hau den Lukas" at the Oktoberfest 2013 beer festival at Theresienwiese on October 1, 2013 in Munich, Germany. At the funfair attraction "Hau den Lukas" you have three tries to hit the target with a hammer so hard that a bell at the top rings. The Munich Oktoberfest, which this year will run from September 21 through October 6, is the world's largest beer fest and draws millions of visitors. (Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images)

Joerg Koch/Getty

A Bavarian visitor in lederhosen takes part in Hau den Lukas, a funfair attraction, at the Oktoberfest beer festival at Theresienwiese in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest runs until October 6 and is the world’s largest beer festival.