A Pakistani nomad woman carries a bucket

Rizwan Abassum/AFP/Getty Images

A female nomad carries a bucket of camel milk for sale in Karachi, Pakistan on Wednesday. Camel milk, a traditional drink in the desert, is growing in popularity in Pakistan’s big cities

Nepal Hindu Festival

Niranjan Shrestha/AP

A Nepalese Hindu boy dressed in festival attire is offered milk during “Gai Jatra,” or Cow Festival, in Katmandu, Nepal, on Thursday. Members of Nepali€™s Newar Comunity celebrate the festival in memory of their family members who died the preceding year, believing that the cow will guide them in their journey to heaven.

Hong Kong Ai Weiwei

Kin Cheung/AP

Point of discussion: staff chat in front of the latest sculpture installation from Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissident artist. His “Baby Formula” forms a map of China with cans of milk powder at an exhibition in Hong Kong. Mr Ai’s work was inspired by the scandal over melamine-tainted milk powder in China in 2008, which was reported to have affected nearly 300,000 children and caused six babies to die from kidney problems