Moldau river

David Cerny Creates Middle Finger Sculpture On Moldau River...PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - OCTOBER 21:  The sculpture with a rude gesture pointed to the Prague Castle, seat of the Czech President Milos Zeman, by Czech artist David Cerny is placed on Moldau river on October 21, 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic. David Cerny comments current political situation by his work earlier.  (Photo by Matej Divizna/Getty Images) ***BESTPIX***

Matej Divizna/Getty

Czech artist David Cerny sends a powerful message to his country’s president on Monday with a giant purple hand making an obscene gesture floating on Prague’s Vltava river. Cerny’s gesture comes days before parliamentary elections that could give the communists a taste of power almost 25 years since they were ousted.