Cipotegato 2013 in Spain...TARAZONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 27:  The Cipotegato acknowledges the crowd after running through the streets on August 27, 2013 in Tarazona, Spain. Every year thousands of people gather in the main square of Tarazona waiting for "The Cipotegato" to throw tomatoes at him. The Cipotegato is a hooded character, dressed as a harlequin with a yellow, green and red costume. The Cipotegato is elected annually, and his identity revealed after the festival. He must run through the streets of Tarazona on a route known only to him, ending in the Plaza de Espana square, armed with a short wooden stick for defending himself. Upon arrival in the Square he must then scale a monument and tie a scarf around it, signaling the start of the main festivities of Tarazona. The roots of this event derive from the early recorded tradition in the middle of the XVIII century of giving a prisoner from the local prison the chance to escape to freedom.  (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

David Ramos/Getty

The “Cipotegato”, a hooded character dressed as a harlequin, waits to be pelted with tomatoes after running through the streets of Tarazona, Spain on Tuesday in an event that starts the town’s annual festival that derives from the 18th century tradition of giving a prisoner from the local prison the chance to escape 

Russia Victory Day

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Russian second world war veterans leave Red Square after the Victory Day parade on Thursday. Vladimir Putin, Russian President, said at the annual military procession that Russia will be a guarantor of world security. Mr Putin’s short speech came at the culmination of Victory Day, marking the defeat of Nazi Germany 68 years ago. It is Russia’s most important secular holiday, honouring the huge military and civilian losses of the second world war and showing off the country’s modern arsenal