Daily Archives: February 21, 2007

Richard Waters

Every now and then, it’s worth pausing to take stock of just how far the technology of the Web has come in the past few years – and, with imaginative application, what the impacts might be on business and everyday life.

Take this example, about the use of XML in financial reporting. Back in 2000, when I first wrote about this, it sounded nice in theory but remote in practice: if financial reports posted to the SEC were created using a proposed mark-up language known as XBRL, then the information in those reports would become machine-readable. Want to compare the research and development spending of all companies in the oil industry? No longer any need to dig through the reports, just hit a button.  Read more

Maija Palmer

Lycos Europe, the German-based internet company, is starting another push to put European internet development  back on the map.

Christoph Mohn, chief executive, said the company is to begin rolling out a pipeline of websites and services, among which he hopes will be a challenger to the dominant US companies like Yahoo, Google, MySpace and Facebook. Read more