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Chris Nuttall

Apple_corte_madera I counted exactly 99 people in the queue in front of me when I arrived outside the Apple store in Corte Madera, California at around 7.15pm on Friday. There were more queuing inside past security, while others were steadily emerging with their special iPhone bags, most of them carrying the maximum-allowed two.

I’m not a queue jumper but I did happen to meet John Paczkowski, who blogs at All Things Digital and was halfway along the line. He was only buying one and offered to get me mine. By 8pm, I too was walking away with an iPhone bag. Read more


Jerry Taylor, moments after he walked out the Apple store with the first iPhone bought in San Francisco.

Could a nascent backlash swamp Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of turning Facebook into the next big web plaftform?

Yesterday, Valleywag published a lengthy breakdown of some of the percevied faults of Facebook’s platform strategy, at least in its current form. They include tiddly applications, unreliable servers, and, perhaps most importantly, concerns about Facebook changing the rules on developers in the middle of the game. Read more

We took a stroll past the San Francisco Apple store this morning and this is what we found:


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IphoneFrom far and wide, arch-geeks have converged on Apple stores across the US to wait out the final 24 hours of iPhone madness. Until very recently, one notable exception had been the San Francisco Apple store, but a brief check after lunch confirmed that a small number of iPhone loonies have begun to set up camp there as well.

In New York, the first iPhone camper was revealed to be none other than Greg Packer, a notorious attention hog known for waiting in line at product launches and celebrity events in hope of being quoted in the newspaper. In Palo Alto, the noted tech blogger Robert Scoble was the first in line, along with his son Patrick.  Read more

Chris Nuttall

There Second Life is not the life for everyone. There are plenty of internet universes to inhabit and companies are beginning to market their products in other virtual worlds., with nearly 1m members, average age 22, announced a partnership with Capitol Music Group today to bring its artists into specially created nightclubs in the virtual world. Read more

Chris Nuttall


The new microblogging services, Jaiku and Twitter, are aiming to avoid the bad relationships between their older brothers – the instant messaging services that never talked to one another. Read more

Richard Waters

If you were still in any doubt as to why Yahoo! and MSN are in the tank, this chart should make all crystal clear (it’s from Sandeep Aggarwal at Oppenheimer, who has just started coverage of the internet advertising sector, based on comScore data.)

The reach of the big portals, in terms of unique visitors, has not diminished, but the shift in pageviews to the social networks has been striking. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Justinmugshot, live for 100 days now, expects to make good on its promise to be the YouTube of live video on July 16 when it opens up its service to anyone who wants to broadcast their lives over the internet.

Justin Kan, the webcam-toting star of the eponymous website, has already recruited several others willing to film themselves 24/7, notably Justine, but the next version of the site is for everyone. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Nokia_6086_wifi_phone T-Mobile has become the first US wireless carrier to offer a wi-fi option for users to replace their landlines, but, like other operators around the world, it is not handing its calls completely over to the internet.

T-Mobile launches Hotspot @ Home today with two new “Hotspot” cellphones from Samsung and Nokia and calling plans that allow unlimited nationwide calls over wi-fi at home or any open wi-fi hotspot for as low as $9.99 a month initially. Read more