Daily Archives: June 2, 2007

SurveillanceProof of purchase or sinister music industry plot? That is the question being pondered tonight by customers of Apple’s iTunes music store. News that Apple has hidden personal information such as full names and emails in the tracks purchased from iTunes has created something of a stir. While it’s true that Apple didn’t make a point of telling people it was including such information in their music files, Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter research suggests that privacy concerns are overblown:

It’s a pretty common practice to identify stuff like this as proof of purchase and other stores do this as well. Apple has always embedded this information from day one and it’s very easy to see. Other vendors likewise do the same thing. The reasons are many why you might want to be able to tell which songs on a users hard drive came from your store for things like promotions and or upgrade offers. If you’re really concerned there’s plenty of ways to remove the information. Read more