Daily Archives: June 13, 2007

Openads Billions of dollars have been spent of late on acquiring online advertising companies, notably DoubleClick and Aquantive, but a small $5m investment may prove to be equally significant.

London-based Openads announced today it had received that amount in first-round funding for its free, open-source ad server software. Read more

Fans of the Yahoo-owned photo-sharing website Flickr.com have been struggling to access any of its images in recent days, and the company says it seems Beijing’s censors are to blame.

Nothing too surprising there: China’s Communist party blocks thousands of international sites, even though the secretive culture commissars generally go easier on ones that like Flickr are in foreign languages and run by big internet names. Read more

Suv Sun chairman Scott McNealy is fond of wearing his family’s automaking roots in Detroit as a badge of working class honour. Most technology execs, though, would rather run a mile than risk being compared to such an environmentally unfriendly industry.

Yet Silicon Valley’s image-makers face the same PR problem as Detroit’s finest when it comes to addressing the issue of global warming. The harder they work to paint themselves as environmentally aware, the more they draw attention to the rampant inefficiency of many of their existing products. The lastest case in point: today’s announcement of an initiative by Google and Intel to boost the power-conversion effectiveness of PCs and servers. Read more