Daily Archives: June 28, 2007

There Second Life is not the life for everyone. There are plenty of internet universes to inhabit and companies are beginning to market their products in other virtual worlds.

There.com, with nearly 1m members, average age 22, announced a partnership with Capitol Music Group today to bring its artists into specially created nightclubs in the virtual world. Read more


The new microblogging services, Jaiku and Twitter, are aiming to avoid the bad relationships between their older brothers – the instant messaging services that never talked to one another. Read more

If you were still in any doubt as to why Yahoo! and MSN are in the tank, this chart should make all crystal clear (it’s from Sandeep Aggarwal at Oppenheimer, who has just started coverage of the internet advertising sector, based on comScore data.)

The reach of the big portals, in terms of unique visitors, has not diminished, but the shift in pageviews to the social networks has been striking. Read more