Daily Archives: June 30, 2007

Apple_corte_madera I counted exactly 99 people in the queue in front of me when I arrived outside the Apple store in Corte Madera, California at around 7.15pm on Friday. There were more queuing inside past security, while others were steadily emerging with their special iPhone bags, most of them carrying the maximum-allowed two.

I’m not a queue jumper but I did happen to meet John Paczkowski, who blogs at All Things Digital and was halfway along the line. He was only buying one and offered to get me mine. By 8pm, I too was walking away with an iPhone bag. Read more


Jerry Taylor, moments after he walked out the Apple store with the first iPhone bought in San Francisco.

Could a nascent backlash swamp Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of turning Facebook into the next big web plaftform?

Yesterday, Valleywag published a lengthy breakdown of some of the percevied faults of Facebook’s platform strategy, at least in its current form. They include tiddly applications, unreliable servers, and, perhaps most importantly, concerns about Facebook changing the rules on developers in the middle of the game. Read more