Daily Archives: July 26, 2007


Microsoft seems to have a rare user interface hit on its hands. Called "Surface", and announced publicly in May, this was something whose business potential even Microsoft didn’t believe in – until now. Read more

Kevin_johnson It isn’t a better search engine that will bring internet users flocking to Microsoft. It isn’t a hot social networking site, or indeed any other knock-out service that beats the rivals hands down. It is… integration.

What? Well, this is how Kevin Johnson, who runs a large part of Microsoft as head of the platforms and services group, sees it. Asked at the financial analyst meeting today how he is going to win a bigger slice of the online audience, he drew a parallel with the Office suite of applications. Stitching together a range of things online to give people a "seamless experience and deeper integration" is apparently what it’s all about. Read more


Visionary or foolhardy? Steve Ballmer clearly thinks there’s a moment when companies have to ignore what their shareholders are saying – and even what some of their customers are saying. Shareholders and customers aren’t in the long-term vision business. Read more

Scmx10left Consumer electronics companies are catching on to the quick-sharing habits of the YouTube generation, with everything from iPhones to internet televisions becoming online video enabled.

The camcorder market sees this as a major opportunity for growth. Unit sales have been stuck at around 4.7m in the US for the past few years but the Consumer Electronics Association is predicting a 20 per cent increase next year due to the growth of user-generated content on the web and high definition. Read more