Daily Archives: August 1, 2007

It is obvious that Google is taking very seriously the concerns that arose earlier this year over its privacy policies.

Google is between a rock and a hard place on this one. On the one hand, with the internet at more than 15bn pages, it is essential to make searches more personalised and tailored, otherwise we may drown in too much information.  Read more

Hi5_logo  What are the kids doing in Mumbai, Marseille and Mexico City? Some fascinating new data from comScore suggests that social networking has so far been a distinctly regional game. The big question of the next two-three years is whether this regional tendency will become entrenched, or whether a small handful of global powers will win out. Read more

Some financial bloggers are buzzing about Facebook’s purported June rate card, which has been obtained by Valleywag. The card shows that Facebook is charging an initial rate of $300,000, over three months, for a sponsored Facebook group. That is double the rate the company was apparently charging in February, according to another rate card published in Valleywag earlier this week.

Sponsored groups are just one way Facebook says it can help companies get in front of its network of interconnected users. So what does this mean for Facebook? Henry Blodget at Internet Outsider did some back of the envelope maths and came up with this:  Read more