Daily Archives: August 8, 2007

Google_news Last night Google slipped out an interesting new experimental feature for Google News in the US. Most news sites have opened up their stories so that readers can comment: on Google News, however, it is only people who are actually written about in the stories who will be able to comment.

From Google’s blog post on the subject: Read more

Steve Jobs spent about an hour on Tuesday demonstrating some new software that will come bundled with Apple’s shiny new brushed aluminium iMacs. The most impressive, by far, was Apple’s re-vamped video editing software, iMovie.

The editing software allows users to upload home movies form a variety for formats for easy editing. It features a breakthrough method for scrolling through video called "skimming". Simply move your mouse across the thumbnail of a clip and it will play for you, right there, at faster-than-realtime speeds. It’s an innovation that is classic Apple – understated, seamless and practical.  Read more