Daily Archives: August 21, 2007

There’s a natural cycle in the corporate tech business. Suppliers come up with the latest Big Idea. PR departments promote the heck out of it. Tech journalists, always on the lookout for some shiny new thing, rush to write about it. Sometimes, customers even buy it. Within a couple of years the spotlight moves on to the next Big Idea – and noone stops to ask too much about the ideas that flopped.

"Service-oriented architecture" has been climbing this hype curve for some time. Yet the platforms on which SOA are meant to be built – such as those from Oracle and SAP – are still years from completion. Early adoption rates are very low. This may end up being the new architecture of the software business, but somehow these things have a way of mutating. Few customers bet big on a whole new architecture. In time, the idea is revised and adapted, a new label is found. The PR departments come up with a different slogan. Read more