Daily Archives: September 5, 2007

Lulu Well, it had to happen. Lulu has just sued Hulu.

Never mind that the former is an online book publishing company, the latter the name just adopted by the new joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. On the consumer internet, truly original – and suitably catchy – names must be getting hard to find.  Read more

Facebook sought to reassure its users today as it announced that their Facebook pictures and user names would soon begin showing up in online search results. By explaining its move to open its site to search engines well in advance, Facebook was attempting to avoid a hubbub like the one that erupted last year after it began displaying profile updates, relationship changes and other personal information in a centralised "news feed" on users’ profile pages.

That move sparked an uproar as users inveighed against what they considered to be an excessively intrusive new feature. Facebook’s explanation – that the information displayed in the news feed was no different than what users could already see by digging through friends’ profiles – fell on deaf ears, and Facebook was forced to backtrack.  Read more