Daily Archives: September 6, 2007

We spoke too soon – the Silicon Valley well that keeps dishing up new Web 2.0 companies appears not to be bottomless after all.

This morning we reported that this year’s "coming out" season in the Valley, where new tech companies and products jostle to get attention, is going to be hectic. Some 150 new companies and products are scheduled to be unveiled at three big showcase events in California over the next six weeks. Bubble, anyone? Read more

Alan Cumming, the British actor, has become internationally famous through his Hollywood role as Nightcrawler, the superhero who helps save the world in the X Men films.

He is now playing a minor role in the salvation of European entrepreneurs by letting his London apartment be used for the Seedcamp party, ending a week of activities for 20 budding start-up teams.

Seedcamp has a long list of famous supporters, including the founders of Skype, the global internet telephony service, and Fon, the world’s largest wifi network supplier, as well as senior executives from Google, Research in Motion, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Brent Hoberman, co-founder of Lastminute.com, came to the event today to share some of his advice at a lunchtime question and answer session.

Among his pearls of wisdom was the recommendation to always raise more money than you think you need and to pitch to the venture capitalists you are least interested in first so that at least you can learn from the experience, even if you don’t get the funding.

For the 20 start-up teams, who hope to walk away with €50,000 of funding, today was the all-important pitching contest, where they got 15 minutes to sell themselves to the Seedcamp investors.

The winners, who will get a further three months of mentoring support as well as the cash, will be announced on this blog on Friday.

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Nanos So those who queued for days for an iPhone before its launch on June 29 have now been made to look double doofuses by Apple.

Not only did they wait needlessly when there were plentiful supplies, but a price cut just 10 weeks later means they paid $200 more than necessary. Read more