Daily Archives: September 25, 2007

Q: Where can you find 1m screens, at the heart of a multi-billion-dollar industry, that are just waiting to be connected to the internet?

A: Las Vegas, Atlantic City and anywhere else that players of the slots congregate. Read more

It is always good to kick off a conference – particularly a tech startup beauty show like Demo – with a splash. That is just what DemoFall’s longtime organiser, Chris Shipley, did with Digital Fountain, the kick off demonstrator at today’s event in San Diego.

Digital Fountain, a privately funded Fremont-based digital video infrastructure startup, showed off itsDF Splash technology which cleans up "lossy" IP-delivered video guaranteeing near broadcast quality video even when a sizable number of packets are dropped. Read more

Demo_4 It’s good to see that there are still some internet visionaries out there with really big, outlandish ambitions.

The Demo, which has just started in San Diego, looks like being a great showcase for a wide range of practical businesses being built on today’s internet technologies: online video delivery networks, "wisdom of crowds" marketing systems, workplace social networks, mobile search engines. Read more

Triton_2000 Before the internet came along, I once had a vague interest in orienteering – a sport requiring a map, compass, running gear and a whistle – in case you got lost in the woods.

The advent of the web and GPS devices has made all that seem out of date. In 2000, the US removed selective availability from its GPS system, allowing locations to be nailed down to within three metres and leading to the growth of geocaching as a sport and worldwide treasure huntRead more