Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

Halo3masterchief1 As energy drink-addled Master Chief wannabes emerge from their caffeine haze having conquered Halo 3, they are sure to begin exploring the game’s interesting user-generated features.

The most interesting of these is Forge, a map editor that lets Halo players roam around the game’s multi-player battlefields dropping weapons, vehicles and other materiel around the map. Players can then save their custom-built maps, invite friends and even upload them to the web site of Bungie, Halo 3′s developer, where they can be shared and commented on by the entire Halo 3 community.  Read more

One of the consequences of the evolution of the web from a text-heavy to an increasingly video centric medium is that search tools also need to evolve.

UK-based Blinkx and AOL’s Truveo unit led the way with video search tools that enable users to track down and watch video clips by entering search key words in a browser window. Read more

Crowds The "wisdom of crowds" motif has become a tired cliche in online circles in recent years. With the latest in low-cost interactive Web technologies, though, there finally seems to be a real wave of experimentation underway in how to harness the knowledge of the masses.

The range of that experimentation is intriguing. Two of the companies presenting at the Demo conference – a showcase that tries to filter out the best tech start-ups, though the "winners" of this contest still have to pay $18,000 to show up – represent the extremes. Read more