Daily Archives: October 1, 2007

Bogart_on_phone "You’ve Got Mail!" is the familiar AOL alert that presumably inspired the name GotVoice, a service that puts voicemails into a friendlier email-inbox format.

The Seattle-based company has introduced two new innovations in the past month to give it a leading position in a pack of services now available that convert voicemails to text, including those of SpinVox, SimulScribe, Callwave and Jott. Read more

Joost_1 Joost, the much-hyped internet TV service created by the founders of Skype, is set to open up to the public today following several months of successful invitation-only testing. Users around the world will now be able to download the Joost client and use it to view professionally produced content on their PCs.

It remains to be seen whether Joost can make a splash among consumers. Mike Volpi, the former Cisco executive who joined Joost as chief executive earlier this year, told us over the phone last week that the site had about 1.5m registered users during its invitation-only phase, of which about 10 per cent were active. That’s a small user base, but an understandable one for an invitation only system. Now, with the gloves off, Joost is hoping to gain a wider audience by word of mouth. It is shunning a broader ad campaign (Volpi says the service has been hyped enough in the media). However, it has been moving to strike more content deals with partners including Viacom, Paramount and CBS.  Read more