Daily Archives: October 2, 2007

Dollars_2 It looks like, right now, things are running about as smoothly as they could be for tech financings. Wall Street’s IPO window has been open all year. Now the mergers and acquisition market is warming up nicely as well. Ironic, really: the sub-prime debt crisis has done nothing at all to hamper the risky end of the stock investment spectrum.

According to the National Venture Capital Association, M&A activity involving venture-backed companies in the US has just rebounded to its highest level since the beginning of 2001. Valuations are also going up: for transactions where the price was disclosed, the average deal size in the latest quarter reached $226m, the highest since late 2000. Read more

New_sony_readers Sales of Sony’s Portable Reader System (PRS) have hardly been an open book since it went on sale almost a year ago.

The company has refused to give out figures on units sold of the eBook reader, although an executive insisted, during a demo of a new version to me, that it had "done very well from a sales perspective." Read more