Daily Archives: October 16, 2007

Jerry_yang When he took over from Terry Semel, Jerry Yang promised a top-to-bottom review of Yahoo’s operations, with "no sacred cows."

So what has this produced? Not a lot, to judge from Yang’s blog post on the matter today. Despite the talk of more focus, breadth still counts: Yahoo’s main mission is still to be the "starting point for the most consumers" on the internet. Read more

Web_20_2 With Silicon Valley’s most important internet conference of the year about to start, expect the love-in with Facebook to reach a new level of intensity. Since May, when it opened its APIs to let other developers build their services on top of its social network, the murmur of approval for Facebook in the Valley has grown steadily to a deafening din. In the latest confirmation of his new standing, founder Mark Zuckerberg will get the prime slot when the Web 2.0 Summit starts in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon. Read more