Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

The pain from the long dotcom hangover is finally starting to recede into the past, at least when it comes to venture capital returns. About time, too. But it is still far too soon to tell whether historic long-term profits from VC investment will hold up.

The story is told in the chart below. The thick broken line at the bottom shows five-year venture capital returns in the US. As write-offs from the dotcom disaster have receded and profitable exits are being found for the the companies that survived, this line has finally crept back into positive territory (the latest figures were put out today by the NVCA.) Read more

Hulu, a joint online video venture by NBC and News Corp that has been billed as an alternative to YouTube and other video sharing sites, launched today in private beta. Before the site crashed on us, we managed to get a glimpse at Hulu’s design and some of its features.

Hulu lets users browse an array of studio-approved content, including popular television shows such as The Office, The Simpsons and The Family Guy, copies of which are proving harder and harder to find with any kind of reliability on YouTube. Hulu’s media player includes the usual "share" and "embed" options found on most video sites. It also boasts an impressive video editor that allows users to select only the parts of a video they wish to display in an embedded clip. Read more