Daily Archives: November 7, 2007

ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg was in rare form today as revealed the "social ads" that form the core of Facebook’s long-awaited new advertising technology. Not only did the young Facebook founder wear a rather dapper pair of closed-toed leather shoes in place of his trademark Adidas sandals, he also turned uncharacteristically emotional as he displayed Facebook’s new ads to the assembled audience of advertising and marketing execs.

In a move out of the Steve Jobs playbook, the 23 year-old internet mogul said the ads, which companies will pay to have appear on users’ Facebook pages, were beautiful and made him very happy. But will Facebook’s users feel the same?  Read more

It seems that Dave Winer, the software guru, is not impressed with Apple’s new Leopard operating system:

I’ve given Leopard a chance, but it’s pretty clear, this is not a good operating system release. [...]

Talking with a friend a few days ago, he asked what I thought of Leopard. He had installed the new version, like me, the first day it came out. "I’m not liking it," I said. He said something that was simple, profound and revealing: "It’s like Windows." It is. It’s that unpleasant to use.

Winer goes on to list a series of shortcomings, from system crashes to a tricky new interface, before reaching the conclusion that "Apple doesn’t understand how many people depend seriously on their Macs."

Winer may have switched back to Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. Continue reading after the jump.

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