Daily Archives: December 19, 2007

Moviebeam The lights have gone out for MovieBeam, a set-top box service that failed to grab a significant slice of the movies-on-demand market.

The service closed at the weekend after its parent company Movie Gallery went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October. Read more

Facebook appears to be readying the next phase of its application platform – a payments system that would allow application developers to conduct transactions through the Facebook site, according to a announcement unearthed on Tuesday by Valleywag.

When he launched the Facebook platform strategy in May, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, hinted that some kind of payment system could be in the works. Such a system would expand the revenue streams available to application writers by allowing them to charge users for premium services, or even sell items through Facebook outright, rather than relying on advertising to make money. Facebook could also benefit if it worked out a way to pocket a piece of each transaction run over its payments system. Read more

Holidaypleo Ugobe has finally hatched its baby dinosaur in time for this Christmas rather than last, but can Pleo fulfill its potential as the biggest robotic toy since its Furby forefather?

Ugobe sent me a review unit to play with for two weeks and, while I found it to be a marvel of engineering, I was not convinced the toy would have mass appeal. Read more