Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

Yang_and_filo_at_ces It seems like Yahoo chief Jerry Yang fell into the usual trap of keynoters at CES of trying to sound relevant by demonstrating products in January, but then admitting they will be delivered who knows when?

And for a company that seems forever trapped in the process of trying to make something synergistic from its disparate parts and acquisitions (think Flickr, Upcoming and Del.icio.us), that can’t be good. Read more

Nvu83t_frontwimage_2 Portable navigation devices should be a godsend for finding your way around the vast Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and there are plenty of new ones to choose from on display in the booths.

Garmin has refreshed its lineup and announced a $100 plug-in that GPS-enables a laptop, with its familiar mapping software and directions included. Read more