Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

You could forgive Kevin Harvey of Benchmark Capital if he sounded a little smug when I spoke to him earlier today about the eye-catching $1bn sale of MySQL. A longtime venture investor in open source companies, Harvey has had to put up with a few knocks along the way. As he put it:

When we first invested in Red Hat it was thought to be totally insane. When we funded MySQL it was only partly insane. Read more

Mickos_mysql_schwartz_sun Hidden behind some billion-dollar database-company acquisitions – on what must be a record-breaking day for number of deals in the sector – came a little funding news that could eventually have equal significance for the way we organise our information online.

While Sun was paying $1bn for MySQL, Oracle was buying BEA Systems for $8.5bn and SAP was wrapping up its $7.15bn Business Objects acquisition, San Francisco-based Metaweb received $42.5m in second-round funding led by Goldman Sachs. Read more

Apple’s video rentals and the ultra-thin MacBook Air are likely to dominate the headlines out of this year’s MacWorld conference and expo. But new products were not the only juicy tidbits to come out of Steve Jobs’s keynote address. Before he launched into his product marketing pitch, the Apple boss rattled off some interesting new statistics about the iPhone that are worth a second look.

With its consumer appeal and lack of support from business ‘push’ email systems like Outlook and Lotus Notes, it is not qute fair to compare the iPhone to business devices like the Blackberry. But it is an impressive performance nonetheless.  Read more