Daily Archives: January 31, 2008

Audible Amazon is looking more like Apple every day in the audio department.

It now has an iPod (its Kindle electronic book plays MP3s), iTunes (its MP3 beta service), downloadable video to rent or buy (Unbox) and now podcasts and audiobooks ( it just bought Audible for $300m). Read more

MySpace has confirmed that Josh Berman, COO, will leave the social networking site to take on a ‘senior role’ at Slingshot Labs, a new venture backed by News Corp, whose mission will be to incubate internet startups. Rumours of the move had been circulating since last week when Chris DeWolfe, the MySpace founder, told the New York Times about the incubator.

MySpace also said it would brief reporters next week on details of its bid to open up to outside developers. The FT revealed in June that MySpace that the popular social networking site hoped to take a page from Facebook, its smaller rival, by launching its own equivalent of the Facebook Platform. In November, MySpace announced that it had joined forces with Google on OpenSocial, an open alternative to Facebook’s platform.  Read more