Daily Archives: February 1, 2008

Jerry Yang must be starting to understand how Alfred Chuang of BEA Systems felt when Larry Ellison of Oracle came calling last year. Like Chuang, the Yahoo boss has just been landed with a takeover offer at such a big premium that he can’t possibly just ignore it. Also like Chuang, the options for other deals – or for staying independent – are shrinking fast. Here are the other partnerships or alliances that Yang could have grabbed at in the last year or so, and the chances that he can turn to them again now as he looks for an alternative to Microsoft:

News_corpNews Corp, sensing the chance to consolidate its position on the internet, at one stage proposed combining MySpace with Yahoo in return for a large stake in the internet portal. For Rupert Murdoch, the opportunistic move would have meant trading the hot social networking site for a slower growing but far more stable property, but Yahoo saw less value in the idea. To judge from the noises emanating from around News Corp today, there’s little interest in trying to revive the idea. Read more