Daily Archives: February 13, 2008

Spore_creature Spore, the game that has been spawning cell-like in Will Wright’s imagination since 2000, was born as a fully-formed franchise idea.

At the Electronic Arts analyst day yesterday, the creator of The Sims showed off the eagerly awaited title and detailed numerous commercial spin-offs. Read more

These days, no big industry conference is complete without a good deal of public posturing over global warming, and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week is no exception. Nokia, the world’s largest mobile handset maker, and China Mobile, the world’s largest operator, have both jumped on the eco-bandwagon.

Wang Jianzhou, the chief executive of China Mobile, told delegates that companies had to take responsibility for climate change. China Mobile itself is taking action by collecting old mobile handsets, building mobile base stations that run on solar and wind power, and buying low-energy equipment from suppliers. They clearly want to be seen to be doing their bit ahead of the Beijing Olympics. Read more