Daily Archives: March 20, 2008

wireless-tower.jpg Despite what you may read, Google and other internet companies didn’t really get everything they wanted from the US spectrum auction that just ended - in fact, in many ways the status quo remains exactly what it was.

The auction “winners” were announced today (that word is in inverted commas because only time will tell whether they got a good deal or overpaid.) Google shareholders were at least able to breathe a sigh of relief that it was Verizon Wireless, not the search company, that had paid $4.74bn for the all-important C Block of spectrum. That is the block that the FCC, after cajoling by Google, subjected to “open access” provisions. Read more

Phorm logoAny company hoping to launch targeted advertising services should be watching the fate of UK start-up Phorm with great interest. In particular, they should take note of what this says about the public’s double standards on privacy.

Phorm is trying to build a new ad platform, serving ads targeted around users’ internet habits and interests. It is hoping to make this acceptable to the general public with reassurances that no personally identifiable information is kept or stored as part of the process. Read more