Daily Archives: April 30, 2008

Intel CEO with 80-core processorsIntel and Cray have been talking this week about building supercomputers with a million cores or brains, but how will all those processors-within-processors work together and communicate with one another and how difficult will it be to write applications that take advantage of all of them?

This is the question that Stanford University hopes to answer with its Pervasive Parallelism Lab, announced on Wednesday. Read more

James ChongTim Draper of famed Silicon Valley venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson has listened to hundreds of pitches from start-ups over the past few years, but only three put themselves forward as alternatives to the online marketplace eBay.

“I was surprised when he told me that,” says James Chong (pictured), founder and chief executive of Wigix, the fourth eBay challenger to cross DFJ’s path. Read more

twilight-zone.jpgWhat should we make of the odd limbo into which Microsoft’s pursuit of Yahoo has fallen since the weekend, when it failed to follow through on a threat to go hostile? Here are the possible answers:

1. The two sides are just buying time while they stitch up a deal behind the scenes. Probability: miniscule. We’re still hearing that there haven’t been any discussions since early last week. When the bankers from both sides put their heads together at that point there was still no serious talk about price (one source suggests nothing has changed since day one, with Yahoo still holding out for $40 a share and Microsoft unwilling to budge from its opening offer, which is now worth more like $29.) Read more