Daily Archives: May 6, 2008

Rich Green Jonathan Schwarz Neil YoungThere is a race on to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for the desktop between Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Sun Microsystems.

Those five are trying to wow us with examples of RIAs as cool widgets running inside or outside the browser, with some working when your PC or other device is offline. Read more

iPhoneSilicon Valley’s growing alter ego as Smartphone Valley has been boosted by Ericsson’s announcement today that it is opening a research centre in San Jose.

Its chief technology strategist, the 30-year company veteran Jan Uddenfeldt, will also move from Sweden to the Valley. Read more

Amidst all of the Microsoft-Yahoo hubbub, business carries on at the world’s biggest software company. Today, Microsoft is set to announce a series of updates to the Zune, its answer to Apple’s wildly popular iPod.

The biggest news for Zune fans – Microsoft claims 2m of them – is that they will now be able to buy some of their favourite television shows through Microsoft’s online Zune store. Read more