Daily Archives: May 13, 2008


I’m blogging live from latitude 37.6 degrees North, longitude 122.4 degrees West, or roughly a mile south of San Francisco airport, location of the fourth annual Where 2.0 conference on the geospatial web. Read more

lake-woebegone.jpgThe venture capital industry may be stuffed with cash right now but that hasn’t stopped Lightspeed Venture Partners raising the biggest new fund of the year so far, at $800m.

When you ask where all this new money keeps coming from, Silicon Valley veterans have taken up a common refrain: the typical answer is “from overseas,” or “from Europe.” This is usually accompanied by a small involuntary smile that is meant to make you think: “Dumb Money” (at least, that is how it seemed at the National Venture Capital Association’s annual meeting in the Valley last week.) Read more