Daily Archives: May 15, 2008

JawboneWhile Silicon Valley’s Apple and its iPhone may reign supreme in technology design, the Bay Area is home to several other stylish gadgets.

Oqo, set up by Apple renegades in San Francisco, invented the ultra mobile PC category in 2004 with its O1, which was succeeded by the O2 last year. Tivo, based in Alviso, and Sling Media, the Foster City developer of the Slingbox, have changed the way many people view television. Read more

referee.jpgCarl Icahn might well have a better chance of bringing Yahoo and Microsoft together than Steve Ballmer ever had of doing it on his own.

That’s the message the Yahoo stock price has been screaming. With the activist investor  mounting a proxy fight, Yahoo’s shares now actually stand higher than they did on several days when Microsoft was still pursuing its unsolicited bid. Read more

Fire EagleFire Eagle, Yahoo’s effort to broker location data for users and sites wanting to add where-in-the-world features, appears to be gaining traction, judging by a presentation at the Where 2.0 conference.

Tom Coates, leader of the project that launched the Fire Eagle beta two months ago at Yahoo’s experimental Brickhouse offices in San Francisco, gave a long list of sites now using or about to use the software Read more