Daily Archives: May 20, 2008

Netflix player by RokuNetflix has taken a second step towards weaning its customers off the red-envelope delivery of their DVDs with its introduction of the Netflix Player by Roku.

The first step was its “instant watching” capability over a PC introduced in January last year. Subscribers could watch an hour’s worth of online video for every dollar they paid in their monthly subscription for at-home DVDs. Read more

Wii Fit launchNintendo has another hit on its hands judging by the sold-out signs on Amazon.com and Walmart.com for its Wii Balance Board accessory, released in the US on Monday.

The company’s big launch event for the $90 board, which resembles a set of bathroom scales, was a demonstration in New York’s Central Park where passers-by including businessmen (pictured) were invited to try a workout with the included Wii Fit softwareRead more