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Chris Nuttall

SporeJohn Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar and Disney, loves playing with the Spore Creature Creator according to Maxis, Pixar’s Bay Area neighbour.

But should he show alarm at what is being invented and uploaded online by others or welcome in a whole new generation of animators? Read more

Chris Nuttall

Classmate PCIntel has made its biggest deal yet for its Classmate PC – the low-cost notebook that has competed with One Laptop per Child and nComputing in bringing affordable computing to the classroom.

It is providing 500,000 Classmate PCs  to the Portuguese government for its primary school population, with units already arriving in time for the new school year. Read more

‘Cloud computing’ is fast becoming this year’s ‘green data centre,’ if the recent excitement about technologies that allow people to perform increasingly complicated computing tasks over the internet  is any guide.

Compared with some other recent announcements, however, the cloud computing project announced on Tuesday by Yahoo, Intel and Hewlett-Packard appears to pack a particular punch. Read more

Chris Nuttall

BT RibbitRibbit, which introduced itself only last December as Silicon Valley’s first phone company, has been bought by one of the world’s oldest phone companies for $105m.

BT, the UK operator which began as a telegraphic service in 1868, aims to use Ribbit as a platform for services on the national Internet-Protocol 21st century network it has been building, called 21CN. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

silicon roundabout, innit

Move over Silicon Valley. New York’s Silicon Alley is a Web 1.0 relic. And Cambridge’s Silicon Fen is just SO pre-crunch. Now Silicon Roundabout is staking its claim as the new tech start-up hub of the moment. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Cuil error pageDespite its Irish roots and Google links, new search engine Cuil cannot say it is feeling lucky today.

Cuil has been down for much of its launch day, presumably from the weight of traffic – a victim of the media hype (including our own story) and perhaps its own hubris. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

A who’s who of European technology entrepreneurs will be providing guidance and mentoring to a new generation of start-ups at this year’s Seedcamp. Founded by Saul Klein of Index Ventures and run by Reshma Sohoni, formerly of 3i and Softbank Capital, Seedcamp aims to build and support a community of European tech entrepreneurs, culminating in its main event in London this September.

The best-known entrepreneurs on this year’s advisor list are Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype, the internet telephony service, and more recently Joost, a web video provider; and Brent Hoberman of travel site and, latterly, Mydeco, an online furniture retailer. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Zimbra DesktopZimbra Desktop is a web application disguised as a desktop one, or maybe it’s the other way around. I admit to being confused.

I have been playing with it since Yahoo announced the beta of the product on Thursday and it has some impressive features that could persuade some users they don’t need Microsoft’s Outlook anymore. Read more

Chris Nuttall

VysrVysr is a small browser plugin with a big ambition – to become a platform for web services and applications.

The Silicon Valley start-up took a significant step towards achieving that this week when it opened up its platform to third-party developers. Read more

Richard Waters

Fans of the very public form of corporate theatre practised by Carl Icahn will be disappointed to hear that the garrulous corporate raider has agreed to a gag order as part of his settlement with Yahoo (the condition is revealed in an agreement filed with the SEC late on Monday.) Pity.

Yahoo also used a standstill agreement to tie his hands in other ways, for instance forbidding him to “support, assist or facilitate” any future acquisition attempts by others. Read more