Daily Archives: July 9, 2008

One reason Yahoo shareholders won’t hand their company to Carl Icahn, according to the rather hopeful analysis of one person close to the current management team, is that he would be in “a horrible negotiating position” when it came to trying to sell the company. He has no plan other than to deliver Yahoo to Microsoft on a plate. Jerry Yang at least has an alternative strategy and a management team in place (though investors have little confidence in either.)

True enough. But there are still three and a half weeks to go to the Yahoo shareholder meeting, and that’s plenty of time for a public negotiation over price. Read more

sun-valley-lodge.jpg(LA media correspondent Matt Garrahan is reporting for the rest of this week from Sun Valley, Idaho)

Powerbrokers, moguls and billionaires from the media and technology worlds have converged on this quiet mountain retreat in Idaho for the annual Allen & Co get-together. Read more