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Yang - Yodel AnecdotalAfter missing the first two days of the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Jerry Yang of Yahoo has finally arrived and is being chased by reporters wherever he goes.

Despite the pressure being applied to Yahoo by Carl Icahn and Microsoft, Mr Yang looked pretty unfazed. Read more

Sun Valley, IdahoIt was a fairly public setting but some of the key players in the Microsoft-Yahoo saga still managed to have a very private pow-wow in the Sun Valley Inn late on Wednesday night. Huddled in deep conversation around a table at one end of the bar were Sue Decker, Yahoo’s president, Terry Semel, the company’s former chief executive, and Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google.

Brin’s presence was of particular note, given the search deal Yahoo agreed with Google after failing to agree a purchase by Microsoft. Read more

Tim Berners-LeeAre you worried about what you’ve put on Facebook? Concerned that your current – or a future – employer will judge you on some of the personal and possibly foolish things about on the web? You should be.

Apparently 44 per cent of firms are using social network sites to check out job candidates. That was in October last year. And that’s just the ones who admitted to it. Read more

Richard Waters

One reason Yahoo shareholders won’t hand their company to Carl Icahn, according to the rather hopeful analysis of one person close to the current management team, is that he would be in “a horrible negotiating position” when it came to trying to sell the company. He has no plan other than to deliver Yahoo to Microsoft on a plate. Jerry Yang at least has an alternative strategy and a management team in place (though investors have little confidence in either.)

True enough. But there are still three and a half weeks to go to the Yahoo shareholder meeting, and that’s plenty of time for a public negotiation over price. Read more

sun-valley-lodge.jpg(LA media correspondent Matt Garrahan is reporting for the rest of this week from Sun Valley, Idaho)

Powerbrokers, moguls and billionaires from the media and technology worlds have converged on this quiet mountain retreat in Idaho for the annual Allen & Co get-together. Read more

Richard Waters

chinos.jpgAll those preconceptions you had about chino-wearing venture capitalists with their fancy MBAs are handily confirmed today in a snapshot of the industry’s demographics provided by the National Venture Capital Association.

In fact, even your preconceptions may not have prepared you for this. A startling 86 per cent of the VCs who actually make decisions about investments are men (at least that is according to the people who responded to the survey, by the NVCA and Dow Jones Venturewire.) Read more

Chris Nuttall

Teleporting firstOne small teleport for avatars, one giant leap for virtual worlds is how Second Life is viewing the first crossing of its members between platforms.

While not quite the equivalent of finding a parallel universe or landing on the moon, the achievement is a significant one for Linden Lab’s partnership with IBM. Read more

It took a long time, but Hasbro, the owner of the rights to Scrabble in the US, has teamed up with Electronic Arts to finally launch an online version of the popular crossword game. The game is available at today, and is scheduled to make its debut on Facebook later this month. So what does this mean for Scrabulous, Scrabble’s ersatz competitior, which took Facebook world by storm when it launched last year?

The prognosis isn’t good.  Scrabulous has been under a cloud since January when Hasbro and Mattel, which owns the international rights to the game, sent letters to Facebook asking it to remove the game, citing copyright infringement. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Neo FreeRunnerA week before the release of the new iPhone, comes the lower-key launch today of Openmoko’s  Neo FreeRunner open-source phone.

The FreeRunner is more targeted towards the mass-market consumer than its predecessor the Neo1973, a handset that only caused excitement in the Linux community. Read more

Richard Waters

Score one to Saul Hansell of the New York Times. He recently pointed out that, in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic of its home page, Google did not provide a direct link to its online privacy policy – apparently in contravention of a California law requiring the policy to be only one click away.

Google’s initial response was to brush off the issue with the argument that anyone could easily find the policy from the search box, so that should satisfy the one-click rule. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Hancock - Sony PicturesHancock, the intended blockbuster movie for the July 4 weekend, opened today to mixed reviews from the critics.

Just as well then that its maker Sony is looking for an impact in US homes as well as at the box office. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Pat Gelsinger talks about the futureIntel celebrates its 40th anniversary this month, but in Moore’s Law fashion it is doubling down on its future more than looking back at its past.

Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and a 29-year veteran, said yesterday he had planted a few trees to mark the occasion but he preferred to look ahead to how the world’s biggest chipmaker could maintain its dominance and technological momentum. Read more